Hammock Profile

Holds the user’s hammock model and account details

  • Displays user’s name
  • Displays user photo
  • Ability to edit name and photo
  • Ability to change password
  • Displays user’s personal hammock model
  • Edit hammock length
  • Edit strap or rope length
  • Edit base weight
  • Edit sit height 

Edit Hammock Length

Unless you’re a seasoned hammocker, you may not know some of your gear measurements. For most users, any measurements (hammocks, clothes, furniture, etc) are going to be a high-effort input field.  

Maybe the user has to go find their hammock because the measurement is written on the tag. Is it nearby or packed up somewhere? Is this input field worth the effort to go find measurements? UI is the confirmation of input. UX is the acknowledgement of effort.


Base Weight

User interviews highlighted how often a hammock would hold varying weight throughout its lifetime. Even though a single input field for ‘weight’ meets the requirements, the actual steps a user would go through to fill in that field accurately may not be as easy.

  • User may intuitively calculate for their weight
  • User may not consider the weight of their gear
  • User may not know the weight of their pets or their gear
  • User may not want to stand in the forest and do basic math
  • Weight of what?
  • Weight of everything that is going in the hammock?
  • How accurate does it need to be?
  • I don't know this.

Prototype and Testing

Wireframes are useful as a birds-eye-view of a system, and as a reference document for states and flows. Though, as testing and development proceed, wireframes can quickly fall out of sync with the evolving design.

For user testing an augmented reality experience, marker-based prototypes are quick and effective, even if the final product is markerless.

Wtih this user test, I am going to prep a grove with AR markers, each attached to the trunk of a tree as a representation of a hang point. Users will be provided with a mobile prototype on their phones that is set to scan any markers that match their hammock model.



This test focuses on the core functionality of the app: selecting hammock spots.

  • How comfortable are users with AR in general?
  • Observer how users move around a grove
  • When do users choose to scan trees?
  • What are their internal and external motivations?

  • Target Participants
  • Testing Requirements
  • Preparation
  • Post-Interviews
  • Prototype Requirements




explores selection models and feature flows



project recap and participant request