A case study on the perfect hammock spot, exploring interaction models focusing on augmented reality to help people find the best hang spots that are perfect for them and safe for the trees.

Aerial view of Central Park and Manhattan



If you happen to visit 40°47'21.8"N by 73°57'33.5"W, you’ll find yourself standing in the center of a precisely proportional tree triangulation. It is one of a collection of locations, similar in purpose, that I have made note of on various adventures.

The unique aspect of the small grove located at 40°47'21.8"N by 73°57'33.5"W is that the trees and their surrounding vista make up one of the most perfect hammock spots in all of Central Park. The grouping of trees provide optimal shade next to the lake, and their trunks frame an expansive view of the city beyond. It took almost an entire summer of trial-and-error to find that hammock spot... not that you’re allowed to hang hammocks in Central Park. This project is a gift I made for the trees, and I hope you enjoy it too.

Hammocks as a Design Problem

For the past few years, hammock purchases have seen a trending upswing, doubling in sales each year. A large motivator behind this trend belongs to the emerging demographic of new hammock buyers: younger, not camping types, who take a more versatile approach with their hammocks — as a replacement for anything between social bean bags and private tents.

As the topic for a design study, hammocking provides a backdrop rich in emotion and behavior. Hammocks evoke a relaxing nostalgia, with near-universal recognition and symbolism. They are accessible to a majority of people, and are easy to take part in. 

Hammocking also has overlap with environmentally-conscious philosophies and actions. One goal of this exercise is to find a way to leverage hammocking, and its relationship to trees, as a path to increase awareness and support of local parks and forests. With the effects of ecological disruption impending, any small steps towards increasing a person’s investment in nature is progress for the health of the planet.

stay safe and wear a mask!



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